About Me…

My name is g. martinez cabrera, but you can call me Gabe.  I’m 41, I have a new baby boy, a pretty new wife, and I’m trying to do something that is more common than it used to be, but that is nonetheless pretty scary.  What is that scary thing?  I’m trying to reinvent myself.  Actually, I’m trying to reivent my career.  The point of this blog is to share the trip with all of you.  I hope we learn from each other.

That said, I also will be looking to bring in new voices, which means I will from time to time have guest bloggers who have or are in the process of reinvention.  I’ll also be doing some interviews, so if you know of anyone who started down one path and is now going down another, I hope you’ll send me word.  I’d love to interview that person.

OK.  That’s it for now.  Let’s start doing the heavy lifting together.

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