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Marvelous Mondays 1

This is a lovely video and a lovely act of random beauty.  If you want to see more acts like this, check out Chase Jarvis’ post


Proof positive that no two snowflakes are the same:

snowflake by Simon Beck

Simon Beck’s wonder art

Simon Beck's lovely images

another lovely Snowflake from Simon Beck


And on this MLK day, a day that should inspire some hope, here is a lovely image from the NYC based photographer, Danny Goldfield.  I found these on Chase Jarvis’ blog, which is a real must for any photographer/lover of images:

child giding among colored balls

find the child in this lovely image by Danny Goldfield


image by Danny Goldfield

I love this lovely face (thanks to Chase Jarvis’ blog)

pic of Obama (Jim Young Reuters)

it is Inauguration Day


A Marvelous Monday to you!!


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