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my first real shoot this Sat.

This XMas, I went out and ordered my own camera–a bright new Panasonic GH3.  EXCITING.

I say this even though I won’t get the camera until the first part of February.  Not that it matters.  I have much to do before I start down the long road of learning how to shoot.  I think the first step to re-doing a career is to know your limits–or at least, to know what your true interests are.  I am a writer, first and foremost.  But if you’ve been following the site at all, then you know that I am opening that up to include writing that goes beyond the page.  Film/video/photography is completely new to me–well, it’s only a year in as of now.  And I know the only way I can keep writing for this new medium and to actually communicate with others is to keep creating content, which is where the new camera comes in.

I don’t think I can just sit around and wait for my writing to get out there–another lesson I’m trying to learn.  That means, I need to learn new skills–film skills.  I’m no film editor, so that’s out.  The kind of attention to detail that film editing requires is just beyond my temperament.  Writing is enough of a loner’s sport; I don’t need to add another activity in which I’m alone for long periods of time.  Shooting is social, and hence, it’s a good balance for me.  It also is vital if I want to keep producing new content.

NOW, I’m not saying I’m going to be a shooter in any real sense of the word.  I just want to learn more about the process so my writing for visual media will be stronger.  BUT, I will also admit that having a camera and at least knowing how to create basic images, is kind of vital to me at this point.  I need the ability to shoot some simple script ideas when I can, and cameras, though soooo much cheaper than ever before, are still the obstacle for film newbies like me.

gustoAs a first step, a rather big one, the very generous Gusto Lopez from a Life in Digital, is letting me shoot behind the scenes footage this Saturday for a fashion show.  I’m a little nervous, BUT I’m very excited.  I’ll be sending photos, so stay tuned.

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